My return to reading

My name is Megan and welcome to my blog.

In the past (more like 2-3 years ago) I had a blog where I can express my thoughts on books that I’ve read.

Today, I have decided to restart that but on WORDPRESS. Before it was on BLOGSPOT. Anyway, I have ordered 8 books on BookDepository not to long ago; and I can’t wait for it to come in. I will be transferring past book reviews from my old blog into here in the meantime.

I really hope to continue to share my thoughts on here with anyone who comes across my blog and decides to follow it.

As a heads up, the books I will be reviewing are from the following genres:

  1. Young Adult
  2. Paranormal
  3. Urban Fantasy
  4. Action Romance (rare)

I’m not sure when exactly but when that first book comes in and I’m done reading, I’ll be putting up my new reviews. It’s going to take time for me to set up my blog, but bare with me please.

For now, please enjoy my past reviews.


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